Episode 470: Word of the Week: Money Stress

September 9, 2016

It’s Friday and time for the Word of the Week! Our word this week is the Money Stress.

Stress does horrible things to your body and money stress is no different. In fact it can possibly do more harm because it can affect your relationships in more profound ways.

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Episode 424: Are You Ready for a Financial Cleanse?

July 7, 2016

Okay, so here’s the deal, I’ve been getting questions from people who really want to change their habits and mindsets around money but they aren’t sure where to start. Scientists tell us that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit so I thought it might be a good idea to start a journey – a sort of a financial cleanse if you will to change some ingrained financial habits that aren’t working for you. People do it with food and their diets and I think the same thing is possible for money. I’m working on a formal plan that I will kick off new week, but in the meantime, here are three things you can do to get ready:

Think about where you want to be financially in the next year, in six months and then three months. The reason I’m asking you to use these time frames is so that you will have a way to monitor your progress. I know I always tell you to set big goals but in this case, since the time frame is so short, set smaller goals or break big goals into pieces and aim to accomplish a part of the goal.

Consider what could stop you from achieving your goals. In other words, are there habits, attitudes, etc that could stop you or slow your progress in achieving your goals.

Finally decide if you really want to change these and if so, make a commitment to stick it out for the next, 21-30 days to replace the old with some new habits that will work for you.

Warning: it’s not always going to be easy so consider yourself forewarned.

And that’s the minute for today. Remember, we will officially kick off the cleanse on Monday. You know I love helping people with all aspects of their financial lives. If you have a question, send it to me at info@mindingyourmoneyminute.com

Thanks for listening and as always remember that minding your money is the key to a richer life.

Episode 407: Are You Stressed About Money?

June 14, 2016

Are you stressed about money? So many people I hear from are stressed about money. Worrying about things and they’re not sure exactly why. Remember the money story you have running in your head is the one you created and at any time you want you can change that story. You can change the beginning, the middle or the end – it’s your story and you have control.

Money is energy and changing your story – your vibration around money can change everything in your life. You can earn more, save more and have more fun with the money you have.

The first step is to take time to manage your money. So you know what you have and where you are. Then take steps to fix broken things that you can immediately and create a plan to work on others that are beyond fixing today whether it’s debt or something else. Then put it aside – I promise you worrying will not make it better.

Once you have a better picture of where you are – you can rewrite your money story so that it works for you — change your vibration around money – change your life.

And that’s the minute for today. I love helping people with all aspects of their financial lives. If you have a question, send it to me at info@mindingyourmoneyminute.com.

Thanks for listening and as always remember that minding your money really is the path to a richer life!

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