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It’s Thursday and today on MYM360 in the business and career segment, Crafting a Business or Career Intention Statement. In Tuesday’s episode, Episode 742, we created a personal intention statement and today I want to focus on creating a business or a career intention statement. Intention statements are important because as we get caught up in our daily tasks, it’s easy to forget what we want to accomplish and just wind up doing stuff with no purpose. For example, my overall intention might be to grow my business but I forget that and wind up spending most of my day just putting out fires my business could stay stuck where it is or even go backwards. But if I keep my intention in front of me, I can be reminded to carve out some time just for business development activities. Remember, indention statements are not just for personal stuff; you can create them for all areas of your life like relationships, spiritual, health, etc. You can create a series of separate statements or you can combine some of them into one giant statement. But I like the idea of keeping business and personal separate. If you don’t have a personal intention statement, you might want to listen to Tuesday’s episode (Episode 742).

Your business or career intention statement will be similar to your personal intention statement with a couple of exceptions. So what should you include in your business or career intention statement? Here are five basic questions to ask yourself and your answers will form the basis of your statement:

  1. What special skills or talents do you bring to the table? These may or may not be directly related to your business or career. It may be that you are a people person and good at forming relationships or at sales. This is important so that you can play to your strengths.
  2. What is the most important goal you want to accomplish over the next year? Remember, these should be real goals – specific, measurable, etc. so you know exactly what you are aiming for such as $1 million in sales or asking for a raise, etc.
  3. How will you feel when you accomplish this? Just write one or two words like or ecstatic like a winner.
  4. What is the #1 action step you need to take to create favorable conditions for this to happen?
  5. What is the #2 action step you need to take that you are struggling with the discipline to do? So if my goal is to ask for a raise, what do I need to make my case? So as a first step, I might need to get some information about what information they consider when granting raises. And, in step #2 – I may need to start compiling a list of my accomplishments that fit with the criteria they look at and I might also need to step up my game so that I am a prime candidate for a raise.

Once you answer all the questions, put your answers on cards and place them strategically so you can see them every day. See all of these questions and download a fill in the blank worksheet in the resources section of Episode 744 at

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Thanks for listening and as always remember that minding your money really is the path to a richer life!


Fill-in-the-blank Business and Career Intention Worksheet