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Today on MYM360 – It’s Valentines week and our hot topic this week is love and money. I read somewhere that 70% of all divorces had a money component or issue. And, while I’m not sure the number is that high, I know it is a big number.

So here’s my question: when you are describing what you want in an ideal mate should you include something about money? So often when we describe our ideal mate we use physical or personal characteristics like tall, dark and handsome with a good sense of humor or curvy and a knockout, but are we missing the boat by not including some money characteristics such as being good with money or being a team player with money, so that if we decide on a goal to save for a vacation or a home for example, will he or she honor that and not squander money on unnecessary things.

When you meet someone, it’s generally easy to pick out physical and personal characteristics but money traits may be a little more difficult to discern. However, if you watch and listen carefully, you can begin to pick up some hints. For example notice, who picks out and pays for dates? Is this a joint effort or does one person always assume control? Do they ever talk about the future such as what they want to accomplish in their career or otherwise?  And now for the big one, is he or she open to talking about money? If you can’t talk about money now, chances are it won’t get any better in the future and that’s a red flag you may not want to ignore.

It’s a fact that money can make or break your relationship so it’s important to find a way to communicate about it as soon as possible so that when you find mr or ms right you don’t becoming another divorce statistic.

I’m a money coach and my mission is to help clients with the emotional as well as the practical elements of money management. Want to learn more about what I do and if I might be able to help you? If so, visit and sign up for a mini strategy session with me. Sessions are available for business owners as well as individuals and couples. Bring your questions and let’s see if I help you get to where you want to go faster.

Thanks so much for listening and as always remember that minding your money really is the path to a richer life!

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