A comprehensive book that every woman must consult on their way through the divorce maze.   Faydra Koenig, America’s Divorce Coach

Divorce can be devastating even when it’s the best solution. It’s emotionally draining and often financially draining as well, especially if you don’t understand the process and the steps to  protect your future.

I know this because I have been there. And, because I didn’t understand the process and the impact of my decisions, I made a lot of mistakes — mistakes that I had to live with for years.

But that doesn’t have to be true in your case. I wrote How to Get Divorced Without Losing Your Blouse to provide you with a look behind the curtain so you know what to expect and can be prepared.

How to Get Divorced Without Losing Your Blouse answers questions in all the key areas of divorce, including:

  • What the inside of the divorce process looks like
  • Important things to consider before dividing your property and debts
  • How to choose a good attorney (Hint: It’s not just about how much they charge.)

Knowledge is power and if you’re getting a divorce, whether it’s your idea or not, you owe it to yourself to be prepared!

The Workbook includes all of the worksheets and checklists in the book, plus lots of extras like checklists to interview perspective attorneys so you don’t miss anything and checklists and worksheets to work with mediators.

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