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Today on MYM360 – Do you make purchases based on fact or fiction? I bring this up because sometimes we fall into illusion traps and we end buying things for the wrong reason.

So, a realist is someone who recognizes what is real (the facts) or possible in a particular situation. However, sometimes we get caught in the trap of believing that just by buying something we can magically transform ourselves into what we want (the fiction). In other words, it’s like believing that buying a gym membership will make us slim and fit. But that only works when you actually eat right and workout at the gym.

So unfortunately, buying things is just that, buying things. There is no magic bullet to replace your part in the process. You don’t suddenly possess the end qualities they represent just because you buy them. And, while we are on the subject, for men, buying a certain cologne will not have women throwing themselves at your feet and the same is true for women who are trying to lure men. But here’s the worst part, when you try to buy your way into transformation, you not only spend money that you can’t get back, but the purchase that was supposed to make everything better can actually make you feel worse because you feel like you have been duped in some way.

So, putting on your realist hat when you go shopping can help strengthen your ability to separate the result you want from your purchases. One way to accomplish this is to take a moment – to walk away – before making large purchases or making long-term commitments to give yourself time to evaluate the real value you will be receiving with your purchase and compare that to what it will actually take to achieve the results you want.

And that’s the best way to avoid what is sometimes called buyers remorse.

That’s it for today. Got a burning question? If so, send it to me at

That’s it for today! Thanks so much for listening and as always remember that minding your money really is the path to a richer life!

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