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11th December 2017

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Patricia’s Bio

Patricia Stallworth, MBA, CFP® is a Money Coach, Strategist and Educator who helps individuals and business owners make better money decisions. She uses her 20+ years’ experience in business and finance to blend the principles of both into customized programs for her clients. She believes that earning money and managing it are two sides of the same coin so her programs are designed with that in mind.
She is the host of Minding Your Money 360 (MYM360), a podcast that features daily tips and strategies to keep managing and growing your money at the forefront. She is the author of several books including Minding Your MoneyHow to Get Divorced Without Losing Your Blouse and the upcoming Wise, Wealthy Women. Prior to starting her own firm in 2006, she worked in a management or advisory capacity for several firms, including Deloitte & Touche, American Express Financial Advisors and the Small Business Development Center.

Great presentation…You took a complex topic that intimidates people and presented it in such an easy to understand way. You have a gift for communicating these concepts and making it seem “so simple, even I can do that!”

— Mark Madans, HOCOA – The Home Repair Network

Patricia in the Media...

On this edition of our podcast, I’m going to focus on why it’s critically important to focus on marriage planning, not just wedding planning, especially when it comes to your money. You’ll also hear from my guest today, certified financial planner and author Patricia A. Stallworth, on how to protect yourself financially when you choose to divorce. Yep—I’ve got you both coming and going today! Plus, I’ll have another great recommendation for your Wealthy Thinking Reading List.

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