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It’s Friday and time for our word of the week –the word this week is Vision.

I chose vision because it’s really been the theme that ran through this whole week and I wanted to delve in a little deeper. Your vision will literally set the tone for your life. It should describe on a high level, the ultimate life you hope to create so dream big, but keep it within the realm of possibility. Unlike a bhag or a big, harry, audacious goal, the purpose of your vision is to paint a picture in your mind and heart of what it will look and feel like when you arrive – but not the details of how you will get there – we’ll leave that up to your goals and your plan.

To create a powerful vision, shut down that voice in your head that keeps saving, “But how are you going to do that?” and, instead listen to your heart. What is so powerful that you would like to create or accomplish that would cause you to pop out of bed in the morning and keep going even when it looks tough? What is it?

Our word of the week vision. What’s yours? Think of it this way, the hero’s journey has three basic parts – the dilemma, the destination, and the journey your vision is the equivalent of the destination or special world you are called to manifest so your job is take on the persona of the hero. After all, each of us is the hero or the shero of our own life’s story.

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Thanks for listening and as always remember that minding your money really is the path to a richer life!