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Today on MYM360 – Love & Money Week continues and it’s Valentine’s Day! My question is, “How much do you really know about the money attitudes, thoughts and behaviors of your spouse, partner or the mr or ms right in your life?” It’s no secret that what you don’t know when it comes to money can certainly hurt you and your relationship.

So, how do you find out what they really think? Well, you could ask but that can be a touchy subject and it might not get you to what you really want to know because people tend to put their guard up when they don’t really want to talk about something. So one of my solutions was to create a game or a quiz and it goes something like this.

Set the stage with just the two of you and possibly a little wine to dull your senses then the two of you answer a series of questions. But the twist is that you answer the questions as you believe your spouse would and then you compare your answers. Whether your answers are spot on or they are a little off base it gives you the opportunity to talk about them in a fun and non-combative way while at the same time learning some things about each other that you might not have ordinarily known.

For example, one of the questions is if I inherited $10,000, I would:

  1. Invest it
  2. Buy a new car
  3. Take a vacation
  4. Pay off debts
  5. Throw the best party ever

Think about how your partner would answer that question and then it’s up to them to guess how you would answer it. And, what you think you know about each other might be surprising. CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Love & Money Quiz!

I’m a money coach and I help people get to where they want to go faster. I work with business owners, individuals and couples on both the emotional side of money like demolishing fears and the practical side like creating an action plan to achieve your goals. I offer programs as well as private coaching. Sign up today for a free mini strategy consultation today and let’s talk about your money. Sign up at

Thanks so much for listening and as always remember that minding your money really is the path to a richer life!

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