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Financial planning is not just for the rich; it’s about enriching your life no matter how much money you have. While it’s true that money doesn’t buy happiness, it does buy things like security, stability and the freedom to do the things that make life worth living. And, the things you can do with it are limitless – from going back to school, contributing to your family finances, starting a business, buying a home, quitting a job you hate, retiring or leaving a bad relationship. Money is your lifeline to the freedom to choose and as such it deserves your attention.

This book won’t make you a millionaire overnight but if you go through it and complete the exercises, it will help you manage your money better (no matter how much you have) and that can lead to peace of mind that comes when you’re in control of your money – you know that feeling that comes from not having to lie awake at night worrying about paying your bills, and the feeling that comes from knowing you have enough saved for tomorrow without having to sacrifice the things that bring you joy today. The power is in your hands so, let’s get started!

About the W3 Club!

The W3 Club is a group for women aspiring to become or stay wise and wealthy. Some are just starting out while others are well on their way. My mission is to change the world by helping women understand their money and build wealth. I believe that every woman deserves…

  • to live the life she wants;
  • to feel safe and secure financially;
  • and, to own her power and thrive.

If you feel the same way join me and let’s start the journey together!

The W3 Club meets twice a month. There is an in-person meetup and an online or virtual meetup. The group is designed to be a safe place to share your the lessons you have learned as well as your successes. Learn more about the meetups and join us for the big launch party in January 2018!

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