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Today on MYM360 – I read an article, “What to Do Each Month to Make This the Best Year Yet” on PopSugar by Samantha Lauriello and while I think her January suggestion to “Set Realistic Goals For the Year” that are challenging and not a chore is a good idea, she misses the mark in other months. For example, she suggests that you establish a monthly budget in May. Well, in May the year is almost half over and if you haven’t established a budget by then, you have potentially missed out on a lot of opportunities. She also suggests that you give weight training a try in October, start a gratitude journal in November and volunteer in December.

I think the idea of setting goals for each month is great. And, while I think Ms. Lauriello missed the mark on several months, I think the sentiment is a good one and one that I would recommend and plan to do myself. I have already set my goals in January and refreshed my budget and I plan to do something in February like completing my latest book – the Minding Your Money Answer Book. I have been taking some of the questions that I received from you, plus some of the podcast episodes and I’m compiling them into a book with quick answers to some of your everyday financial questions. Send your questions to

And, here’s my plug – I’m still writing and I’m still compiling so if you have a burning question, send to me and your question could end up in the book. But I digress, here’s a great exercise – take out a pen and paper and list out the 12 months and plug in some things you would like to do in those months. It doesn’t have to big stuff. It could be an activity that brings you joy or something special that you want to do for someone else. We all know the power of putting things down in black and white so commit to your plan for you.

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Thanks so much for listening and as always remember that minding your money really is the path to a richer life!

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