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It’s Friday and it’s time for our word of the week. The word this week is Mindset.

I choose mindset because behind every successful and unsuccessful resolution you set for the year is one thing – your mindset — the real thing determiner of your success – and the really great thing about your mindset is that you control it. It’s often been said that accomplishing anything is 20% skill and 80% mindset. So your fate is literally in your head. And so, I have chosen Mindset as this week’s word of the week because it has the power to make or break you.

January usually starts off for me as a time of reflection – going back over the past year to see what worked and what didn’t work. But ending with my wins, my accomplishments and the things that happened that just blew me away in a good way. Then I paint a picture for the new year of things I expect to happen. I do this to prepare my mindset to expect good and great things for the coming year.

Your mindset is moldable and it believes what you tell it and acts accordingly. Every day we are bombarded with hundreds of thousands of messages most of which are really distractions versus anything that will move you closer to the goals we want to accomplish so it becomes important to keep your mindset focused by feeding it with the things you want it to believe to overcome all of the other stuff that’s coming in. Change your mindset, change your life.

The word of the week – mindset – the most powerful muscle in your body.

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Thanks so much for listening and as always remember that minding your money really is the path to a richer life!

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