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Woman-First Financial Planning
What is woman-first planning and why is it important? Woman-first planning means recognizing and allowing for the unique needs of women in all that we do as a company. It’s important because women are different. Our earnings and career lives are often different…In general, we earn 82 cents or less for every dollar men earn and that leads to a wealth gap. We live longer than men…In fact, 74% of women die single. Plus, we often view money and planning differntly than men.


The combination of these means that traditional planning isn’t always a good fit. Sometimes there are missing elements or we have to make compromises to make it fit us and that complicates the process. The bottom line for us as women is that we have to do more with less. So, being in control of your money is key. And, planning is a great tool to accomplish that.


How We Work

We use a Collaborative Approach where you become an active participant in the process from the start. And, we offer Values-Based Planning with a twist. That is, our plans are based on your values and your goals because we know that your values impact your ability to achieve your goals. And, the twist is, since we’ve been in your shoes we are aware of the types of challenges you might face and we incorporate contingencies in our plans to help mitigate their effects so you can stay on track to achieve your goals.

Remember, when you are in control of your money, everyone benefits.


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Hi, I'm Patricia

I’ve been a financial and business advisor for 20+ years. During that time, I’ve zig-zagged between finance and business because I fell in love with both while working with companies like Deloitte, American Express Financial Advisors, and the Small Business Development Center.

Today, as a Certified Financial Planner™, I combine the lessons I’ve learned in both of these areas to help clients — individuals and business owners — take advantage of the best of both.

About PS Worth

PS Worth is a fee-only fiduciary. That simply means that we always put our clients best interests first and we don’t charge or receive commissions or payments related to insurances or investments. Our goal is remain objective so we can make recommendations and suggestions that serve our clients. Our success is measured in terms of your satisfaction.

We offer personalized finanical planning services + jargon-free advice for everything money impacts in your life, and although we can assist you in implementing your plan, you are under no obligation to do so. In addition…

  • Education is a large part of what we do so you can make informed decisions
  • There is no minimum level of assets needed to work with us
  • Fees are quoted upfront based on your needs and the level of complexity of your plan

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“Money is not the most important thing in the world, but it touches everything that is.” –ps!
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