How We Help Entrepreneurs Master
the Money Side of Business

“Our mission is to empower entrepeneurs and small business CEOs to achieve financial clarity and success. Through expert financial planning and business finance coaching, our goal is to help clients understand and manage their finances, increase profitability, and build personal wealth.” ps!

Our process is simple, we start where you are and create a step-by-step business financial plan to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. And, in many cases this does not mean working harder or generating more sales because we are often able to find and plug money leaks and/or hidden opportunities that can easily be implemented.


Some of the key elements we consider in designing a business financial plan include:

  • Your mindset – this is key to building a profitable business because a poor mindset can keep you stuck even when everything else is working for you.
  • Information from financial reports – profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements, as well as other information such as expenses, pricing, sales volume, profit margins, and projections.
  • Short- and long-term goals based on the SMART system so they are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-based.


We begin each engagement with a business assessment so we understand your business. And, then we do the same thing with your personal finances so we understand them as well. We take this two-pronged approach because as a small business owner, decisions you make on either side can impact the other in a positive or negative way. This holistic approach allows for your personal wealth to grow as your business grows.

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Let’s discuss where you are, where you want to be, and strategies to bridge the gap.  

82% Of All Businesses Fail Due to Poor Money Management...

Including some 6- and 7-figure business who have revenue but no cash to pay bills or themselves.


And, there are many other businesses that never reach their full potential (leaving money on the table) due to poor money management. It’s time for you to own your financial power and learn to make smarter, more profitable business decisions.


To build a profitable, sustainable business, you must understand your finances and how to manage them. Everything you do in your business affects your bottom line and making decisions using only your gut can lead to disaster. We offer financial planning and private business coaching, as well as done-with-you programs.

Meet Patricia


My greatest joy comes from seeing my clients succeed in achieving their goals — ps!


I specialize in comprehensive financial planning for both individuals and business owners, offering unique expertise, including  25+ years in business and finance as well as a wealth of personal life experiences. My top priority is creating a welcoming environment where all clients regardless of where they are on their journey feel valued and appreciated.


Here are my promises to you:

  • I will communicate with you directly and transparently, using plain English instead of industry jargon, ensuring that you full understand the financial landscape.
  • In the case of couples, I will engage and communicate with BOTH spouses, ensuring that each voice is heard and involved in the decision-making process.
  • As a fiduciary, I am committed to prioitizing your best interests above all else.


As your partner my goal is to simplify the complexities of finance and guide you towards a secure financial future.

One size does not fit all

Financial Planning

A full service option for financial planning and management.
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Private Coaching

Business finance services to increase profitability and wealth building.
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Done-With-You Programs

Hybrid programs with coursework and private coaching.
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