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Empowering you to create a fearless financial future.



So, what does it mean to rock your money?


 Rocking your money means taking charge of your business and personal finances and unlocking a world of choices… and that’s when managing your money becomes a total blast! 

Not a numbers person? Don’t worry. You don’t have to do it on your own. We partner with CEO’s of service-based businesses to tell them the story behind their numbers so they can make informed decisions.


With over 20 years of experience in business and financial consulting, I specialize in assisting business owners and entrepreneurs in managing and investing their money wisely so they can enjoy life today and plan purposefully for tomorrow.   


Plus, the ‘Rock Your Money System,’  makes it easy to get and stay on top of your finances (business and personal) so you can make informed decisions that keep you in control every step of the way. ps!


Ditch the financial guesswork and sieze control! Let’s talk — your money deserves a plan. Take charge today for a fearless financial future!

How I Work...

As an entrepreneur, you are not just running a company, your business is an extension of yourself, and vice versa…


This interconnectedness means that the highs and lows of your business resonate deeply on a personal level. It’s crucial to approach both your business and personal finances holistically, ensuring they flourish together.


That’s where I come in. With a focus on empowering women entrepreneurs, I offer tailored coaching and consulting services to elevate both your business and personal financial strategies:


  • Strategic Business Money Management: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial numbers and leverage them to drive business growth.
  • Personal Money Management: Take control of your finances, organize them effectively, and invest wisely to cultivate wealth and live a fulfilling life.
  • Bridging the Gap: Develop a seamless connection between your business and personal finances, fostering growth and stability across both domains.

“Each of us can make a difference. Together we make change.”
–Barbara Mikulski

With over two decades of experience, I’ve dedicated myself to helping women entrepreneurs like you build resilient foundations for both your business and personal endeavors. Are you ready to take your financial game to the next level? Let’s start with a complimentary 15-minute call. Together, we can map out a path to success and a bright future.
One size does not fit all

Strategic Business Money Management

Services to understand and grow your numbers.
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Personal Money Management

A full service option for financial planning and management.
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Business + Personal Planning

A full service option for ongoing business and financial planning.
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On-Demand Services

One-time Business or Financial Planning Services.
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Rock Your Money System™

This framework empowers you to navigate your journey towards success, whether it’s achieving your goals, overcoming obstacles, or innovating new concepts.

4 Simple Steps/Questions to Ask

  1. Where you want to go? Envision your destination. Define your vision and aspirations.
  2. Where you are now? Assess your current position. Understand your financial standing and current circumstances.
  3. What’s your plan to fill the gap? Craft a roadmap to bridge the gap between your current state and your desired destination.
  4. What are your action steps? Outline the steps to implement your plan, track your progress, and make changes as necessary to maintain your momentum.

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