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Are you...

making money but still struggling? unsure how to grow your business? working in but not on your business?

If so, let's talk!

Hi, Patricia Stallworth here and I help coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and business owners finally have the lifestyle they wanted when they started their business. You know the one where you had all the perks of being your own boss — money, time and the ability to make a difference — with minimal hassle.

I accomplish this by combining my 20+ years’ experience as a management and financial consultant to look at your whole business as well as your personal goals, and then I look for ways to make every dollar count.

If you’re making money, but you’re not where want to be financially, your business is stuck, you feel overwhelmed or you are ready to take your business to the next level but aren’t sure which steps to take next, let’s talk. Let’s talk about what might be holding you back and explore some next steps to move you forward.

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Who's Minding Your Business & Your Money?

If your business is your ticket to freedom, choice or security are you in charge or does someone or something else control your fate?

You’re smart and you work hard…So you deserve to be financially free. Yet, many people never get to this level because they either don’t know what to do to get there or they’re stuck.


  • Feeling ashamed that they don’t know how to manage their business or personal money so they leave money management to someone else or ignore it altogether.
  • Feeling unworthy to have money and freedom and the perks that go with it so they charge less than the value they provide clients.
  • Living with the fear of the ‘bag lady’ syndrome and that they are doomed to lose everything so why worry about it.
  • Feeling afraid to get help for fear that they might be taken advantage of or appear foolish.

How confident are you…

  • That you have a process in place to get you to where you and your business where you want to go?
  • That you are building your business in a way that it will support your lifestyle now and in the future?
  • That you will get there…to sell your business…to retire…to complete big goals?
  • That you have a way to measure how well your process is working so you can make changes before you get too far off track?

Just in case your process doesn’t work, do you have a backup plan?

Imagine for a moment that you…

•  Had a rock-solid step-by-step process to get your business on track or take it to the next level.

•  Could earn a much more comfortable living or make BIG money without compromising your integrity, service or values.

•  Could break the cycle of CONFUSION, FEAR and PROCRASTINATION that’s holding you back.

•  Could get the support to stay focused and moving forward.

What would that be like? How would that change your business — your life and those you love?

If you want to make money money, have more time freedom and make a greater impact on others through your business, you're in the right place.

I have been where you are and I know I can help.

It’s been my life’s mission and passion to help business owners succeed.

Why? The answer is simple. Not only am I coach, but I struggled some of the same issues that I help others with today. That is, until I learned to take the skills and strategies I learned working with large corporations and scale them to fit a smaller business model. And, that’s what I do for my clients now — take big business strategies to grow businesses that are smaller in size but not impact. 

Most business owners who are not where they want to be believe that money is the root of their problems — that more clients, more money, working harder will solve all of their problems. But the answer is not that simple.

The truth is, it’s about money, but it’s not only about money. And, if you think it’s just about money, you’ll continue to struggle.

I don’t want that for you. I don’t want you to make money and at the end of the day not have any. I don’t want you to be stuck and I certainly don’t want you to be playing small when it is just as easy to play a big and have more wins to show for your efforts.

So, I have compiled the basic elements you need to be successful in a Special Report: 3 Essential Elements of Building a Business You Love that Supports the Lifestyle You Desire. Download a FREE copy and find out what’s holding you back!

Want to learn more about how I work? Schedule a Strategy Call

During the session you will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision of the business and lifestyle you want.
  • Uncover behaviors and knowledge gaps that might be holding you back.
  • Leave the session renewed and inspired with strategy you can use to get started.

If you would like to apply for a Business Money Strategy Call, fill out the application here. I will contact you ASAP to schedule the call.

"Patricia is so special and her financial acumen is transforming my life in ways I didn't think possible, I must sing her praises. Whats more, she WANTS you to succeed and takes a good hard look at your financial health with no judgement, only compassion with a deep insight."

Cathy Reinking, Your It Factor

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