Expert advice tailored to fit YOU
PS Worth is an “Advice-Only” firm, which essentially means that we do not manage investments and then charge a fee based on a percentage of those investments. We will provide you with detailed instructions for our recommendations, including investment changes, then be available as a guide to support you in implementing changes. As a result, we are not compensated on “how much you have,” and we do not require a minimum amount of wealth or assets to work with us.
Planning Options
All of our plans are customized to meet your specific needs. In each case, we take a holistic approach so that the plan not only fits you, but it also considers other areas that might be impacted.
Hourly Planning
Get answers to your burning questions with no strings attached.


After your complimentary call, we’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your question(s), and then we’ll schedule a time to talk.

Basic Plan
Looking for guidance in the areas of spending, saving, budgeting, debt planning, building an emergency fund, and retirement planning? Our basic plan is typically one-page and it’s designed to serve as a tactical guide to help you get your finances in order and on track. 


It includes two 45-minute sessions:

  • Get acquainted and data review
  • Plan review session 
  • 30 days unlimited email support
Strategic Plan
Our strategic plan takes a deep dive into one or two specific areas of planning such as, retirment planning, divorce planning, or providing for elderly parents, and provides a framework along with recommendations to achieve your specific goals.


It includes two 45-minute sessions:

  • Get acquainted and data review
  • Plan review session 
  • 90 days unlimited email support
Comprehensive Planning
Our comprehensive plan covers all aspects of your financial life and includes ongoing support, plan updates, and periodic check-ins and reviews.


Areas covered include: goal setting, cash flow analysis, debt management, investments, tax planning, education savings, retirement planning, insurance, and estate planning.

Planning Elements

Cash Flow Planning

Review what's coming in, what's going out, and where it's going to help plan your saving, spending, investment strategies.

Retirement Planning

Project retirement needs to develop a strategy to achieve this goal.

Investment Management

Assist in the development of a portfolio that incorporates your goals and circumstances.

Protection Planning

Look for uncovered risks so you and your family are protected against negative events.

Tax & Estate Planning

Incorporate opportunities to reduce your overall tax burden; and ensure that documents are in place to carry out your wishes.

Special Goals

Plan strategies to achieve goals like education, special needs children, and planning parental needs.

*Plan pricing is based on the scope and complexity. We offer fixed-fee pricing for one-time projects and subscription-based pricing for ongoing services ranging from $200 – $500/mo.