Is It Worth It to Work With a Financial Advisor? The Truth Is…

It depends. It depends on the complexity of your finances, how comfortable you are managing them and making decisions about your investments on your own, where you are on your journey to financial independence, and where you’d like to be.

My mission is to close the gap between where you are financially and where you’d like to be.  But it’s not a one-way street. I expect clients to:

  1. Freely share their goals and financial information.
  2. Be an active participant in the process.
  3. Act on any recommendations that we BOTH agree on.

One of the key reasons individuals and solopreneurs choose to work with me is because they’re finances are becoming increasingly complex and they don’t feel like they are moving closer to their goals. It can tricky as you earn more to not just manage it all but to ensure that everything works together so you are not making gains on one side and losing ground on another. At PS Worth, we take a comprehensive view of your assets and identify strategies to optimize your income and investment returns with an eye on lowering your expenses, taxes, and risk so you keep more of what you make.

In general, aside from saving my clients time and stress, I help keep them from making expensive, emotional decisions that may not be in their best interests. I’m their sounding board — I’m here to be the first call when they are facing any type of financial issue or event.
What are your reasons for working with or not working with an advisor? Email me – I would love to hear your thoughts.