“Love it!
Very informative and practical! Easy read — true to life questions with solutions.”
—Sherell Comfort, Right On! Escrow

“A Money Wise Woman can predict the future because she creates it!”

A MoneyWise Woman is one who is in control of her money instead of the other way around. She busts through any money blocks or fears and takes responsibility for her money and her life. Although she might get some help or assistance from others, she doesn’t shy away from having the final say because she will ultimately have to live with the consequences (good and bad).

Praise for The Money Wise Woman

“Having been in business over 30 years, I thought I was a moneywise woman. But author Patricia Stallworth has opened my eyes. Her definition is now mine: “The place where you have control over your money and you have enough to live life on your terms.” I love the part that taught be how to create “mini” plans to reach my goals. This is doable. Such a practical book for anyone looking to press the start or restart button on their finances. ”
—Mimi Donaldson, TED Talk Speaker Coach

“I recently just read the book Become A Money Wise Woman in Six Simple Steps (Even if your not good at math) which teaches us how to make smarter decisions with our money. If you know me math and I are not friends, so this book was incredibly informative and entertaining! I learned how to save, how to budget, and how to invest my money for long-term financial success in a way that felt right. Patricia also provides useful tips and tricks that I wish I knew a long time ago! I think that this book should be presented to the seniors in High School. I would highly recommend this book and it allows you to gain control of your finances and become the financially independent moneywise woman that you were born to be! THANK YOU Patricia!”
—Elana Feldman, Your Health Vibes

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